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National Fiber in Belchertown, Mass.

Scott Mangold | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Does anyone know how to reach National fiber in belchertown mass?
Emails to them bounce and their 1 800 number goes to some vacation service…
I don’t know if they are hacked, or what.
I can’t imagine they went out of business…
Anyone have a cell phone for one of the reps?

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  1. Russell Miller | | #1

    Been having the same problem!! two weeks now. Email doesn't work either! UFPI bought 'em a couple years ago so??

  2. Scott Mangold | | #2

    Their facebook page is down also.. I have wondered if someday the newspaper supply would drop enough to cause cellulose to drop in availability . I still can't imagine that national fiber would go away at this point.

  3. User avater GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    Here's what I have been able to learn (to the best of my knowledge):

    1. The owner of National Fiber, Chris Hoch, sold his company to a competitor, U.S. GreenFiber of Charlotte, NC.

    2. U.S. GreenFiber decided to close the Belchertown, Massachusetts, facility and has laid off most of the workers there.

    I phoned U.S. GreenFiber this morning to get a comment from a company representative, but no one is answering the phones there yet. I'll post more information as I receive it.

    -- Martin Holladay

  4. Russell Miller | | #4

    That is lovely. I am willing to bet all of the support is gone with the merger. Those were some good guys up there!

  5. User avater GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #5

    GBA is working to confirm the details of this story. We're waiting to hear back from representatives from U.S. GreenFiber. There is a good chance that our news editor, Scott Gibson, will be writing a news story on this topic -- so stay tuned.

  6. Russell Miller | | #6

    I appreciate the follow up. We have an issue at present on a fire blocking issue pertaining to the cellulose being used as the same.

    It leaves customers in a bad place when an inspector calls a business and gets a vacation giveaway thing of sorts!!

  7. User avater GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #7

    GBA has published Scott Gibson's news story on this topic. Here is the link: New Cellulose Manufacturer Set for a 2018 Launch.

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