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Natural swimming pond in southern Nevada feasible

user-7666957 | Posted in General Questions on

I live in Clark county Nevada, where heat is a constant for a huge portion of the year. I love the concept of Natural Swimming Ponds (NSP) sometimes called Recreational ponds. The water quality is maintained with out the use of  chemicals. The trouble is I can’t find examples of working NSPs in my climate. Given this will the water quality levels be a challenge to maintain. Is it possible to achieve a working natural swimming pond? And if so, How? What swimming zone to regeneration zone percentage is the sweet spot for clean water? Is a pump essential; and if so, how quickly does the volume of the pond need to be recirculated through the pump?

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  1. tommay | | #1

    I would at least install a pump to pull water out of the pond and cascade it back into the pond some how to create some aeration rather than leaving it stagnant. A small solar set up make work out for you.

  2. user-7666957 | | #2

    That’s pretty much my thought, is the water will need some kind of aeration. But given my hot climate it’d would be such a disaster if I couldn’t keep it clean.

    1. tommay | | #4

      You could send the water through some type of charcoal and/or sand medium before cascading it back into the pond.

  3. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #3

    You’re going to need aeration. A waterfall or a fountain, running continuously all the time. That moving water will have a downside too: increased evaporation. You’ll need a way to provide makeup water to maintain a consistent water level in your pond.

    With no chemicals (mainly chlorine), stuff is going to grow in the water. You will not have pool-like clear water, you’ll have water like a lake or pond. Your challenge will be keeping the correct stuff growing and in a good balance.

    I’d suggest looking at what the people that maintain koi or lily ponds do, or the planted aquarium people (I like and have known Tom for a long time). You’ll need some plants, and ideally some fish too. Keep a good balance and mix in the right nutrients and you can have a nice pond — and you can “swim with the fishes” :-)


  4. forgottenben | | #5

    I’ve been interested in this subject for a while. There are many examples I’ve seen of natural swimming pools in hot environments.

  5. forgottenben | | #6

    You need a ratio of 1-1 swimming area to wetlands filter and you’ll definitely need a pump.

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