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NESEA Open House turnout?

Dan Kolbert | Posted in General Questions on

Anyone host or attend a NESEA Green Buildings Open House event today? We did with one of our clients – the turnout was much better than expected, and I heard similar reports from other sites in southern Maine. Hopefully a good indicator of rising interest in energy efficient buildings.

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  1. Kristen | | #1

    I was part of a group of 11 that toured 3 buildings in Massachusetts.

  2. Jesse Thompson | | #2

    I was at one of our projects all day Saturday that is just finishing up construction, and there was a steady steam of people all day. It's a great event, many of the people I talked to were touring at least three projects by different builders and architects, some were spending all day looking around.

    I'm not sure how many other areas have events like it, but it seems both valuable and fun for people thinking of building or even who just enjoy looking at houses.


    Jesse Thompson
    Kaplan Thompson Architects

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