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New construction sports court heat

MnDoc | Posted in General Questions on

Hello Everyone,

Looking for help/advise with a situation

Our new home is under construction in Minnesota. We have a indoor sports court that is 25X20 with 20 foot ceiling. Two sides of the sport court is concrete wall that is insulated outside. One side is Garage that is insulated and Garage will also have a overhead gas heater.

Basement has radiant heat. Builder recommended that we don’t do radiant for the sports  court and went with HVAC with a separate zone. HVAC folks put in 6 heat vents in the ceiling that is 20 feet high from the floor.  Ducts travel almost 50 – 60 feet from the furnace to reach the vents. A friend who came to visit said I made a bad decision by not going radiant heat in the floor and that there will be heat loss or lack of heat because the distance from furnace and tall ceilings. When I talked to my builder, he still says forced air is the right choice and If I’m worried I should consider a ceiling fan to keep the heat down . I’m at a loss here – did I make a mistake by not going with radiant? 
What are my options?  
1) Do I bit the cost and install radiant and again pour concrete over the new concrete?
2) Will a ceiling fan help with heat?
3) Should I think of a split unit?

Kids are so excited about the sports court and it breaks my heart to think that I might have made a wrong decision that would spoil the fun. Can you please HELP!

Thank you!

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  1. MnDoc | | #1

    Hello everyone, Can you please let me know your thoughts?

  2. andyadams222 | | #2

    Very interesting dude!

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