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New house build & painting inquiry

faaast | Posted in General Questions on

Hey Guys,

Have few questions and need some help.

Here’s some detail on the job in question

New build and is in the process of getting the dry wall finished (smoothed out). Inquiring about the interior walls.

Walls in the Basement are 9′ high, ground floor at 9′ & @ some places 10′ and the second floor at 8′

Trim will include approx, 62 windows, 44 doors, the base board and two rooms with crown mold

He will also caulk the outside of the windows

He plans on doing a base coat and two color coats with sanding in between all three coats.

Will be using his own supplies including the Pro-series William Sherwin or Benjamin Moore paint

Please advice/share any Do’s/Dont’s of painting a new house?

Any preferences as to a good paint brand?

Cost/sq ft of painting a recently dry walled residential project?


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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Concerning the dos and don'ts:

    Do hire a painting contractor with a good reputation and good references.

    Do trust your contractor after your contractor has been selected.

    Don't seek the lowest possible price when choosing any contractor.

    Do check your bank balance to be sure that you have the needed funds when it's time to write your painting contractor a check. A house with 62 windows and 44 doors is a big house, and the work you describe won't be cheap.

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