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New LED Recessed lights with slim junction box vs new fire rated can housing

alexdorf | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

In looking at doing recessed lighting into a vented attic, I’m debating the new LED recessed lights that have come on the market which are very cost effected and rated to be installed touching the insulation vs the more expensive fire rated can housing. 

I plan on using R-30 mineral wool batts on the attic floor. It would seem like those right on top of the thin led lights/junction boxes would provide a really nice fireblock – where as an architect had told me that inspectors/building and
safety are having him call out the new fire rated housing on the plans. 

Seems like I’d get adequate protection from the LED lights while retaining less thermal breaking.

What say you?

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  1. user-5946022 | | #1

    How about J-box LED's - you can make those even more air tight?
    And some of them are totally flush.

    1. prometheanfire | | #2

      This is the way I've chosen to go, either jbox attached lights (flush or otherwise) or wall sconces)

    2. alexdorf | | #3

      Those are the boxes I'm taking about, exactly.

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