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New Mitsubishi FH06NA ductless minisplit

mcmodern | Posted in Mechanicals on

searched, couldnt find any info posted here;

looks like there is a new, smaller Mitsubishi Hyper heat [6000btu] available for pre order

seems like this is a good new option for increased flexibility/zoning.

hope that helps

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  1. josh_in_mn | | #1

    It doesn't look like this modulates any lower than the 9k btu version, so did they just take the 9k and limit its top output?

  2. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #2

    It's probably smaller/cheaper coil &/or compressor on the outdoor unit, and perhaps more subtle engineering tweak on the wall coil.

    The housing dimensions of the FH06 & FH09 head and outdoor units are identical- there may have been a software change to optimally use a smaller/cheaper compressor in the outdoor unit. (That falls under "random speculation" here on my part.)

    The HSPF of both are the same (13.5) , but the SEER of the FH06 is about 8-9% higher (33.1 instead of 30.5):

    On the same web-store the FH06 is $108 cheaper than the FH09, and they claim to have two of the FH06 in stock (as of 2 minutes ago.)

  3. KeithH | | #3

    Ooohh. Shiny. OK that aside, smaller heads or better performing multi heads are somewhat essential to retrofit applications as not every layout can accommodate a single large head effectively. I'm excited to see this trend even if it looks like maybe it's not really new equipment.

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