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Old wall adding insulation

askeena7 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all,

the front wall of my house is the old heart pine lap siding nailed directly to the studs. I’m getting ready to insulate it and weighing my options.

my plan as of now is to 30# tar paper between the stud bays (left a few inches wide in order to create stapling tabs on the studs) then r 15 comfort batt Rockwool followed by airtight drywall followed by the original interior wood wall covering. 

Any thoughts? Should I “back prime” from the siding from inside prior to the tar paper and insulation? 

I’m in hot humid Deep South!
Thanks in in advance for any tips!


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  1. b_coplin | | #1

    You'll need an air gap between the insulation and siding. Several approaches are outlined in the article below.

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