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One versus Two Mini-Splits?

fmk95 | Posted in General Questions on

I have the energy usage data for an apartment with two mini-splits at the second-level. How can I figure out if both mini-splits are on or if just one is? I have amperage, voltage, and kWh.
Heating System: Air-source heat pump 18 kBTUh, 9 HSPF, Mitsubishi Model #MSZ-A09NA
Cooling System: Air-source heat pump, 18 SEER, Mitsubishi Model #MSZ-A09NA


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  1. vap0rtranz | | #1

    Assuming both minisplits are on the same electrical circuit?

    We have a multi-split w/ 3 head units on a 50amp circuit and I poked around on this awhile back ... there was some sensor system that I had finally found which could read the load at each head, probably via a CT clamped around each head's power line, and had a temperature probe at each head's outlet vent too to measure efficiency of heating/cooling, plus a box to collect all that data, of course. It was very expensive system to install so I never saved the info about it but maybe you can find it ... or something cheaper for us all :)

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