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Optimum insulation depth

DouglasM4430 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I have seen UK documents online describing declining marginal thermal value as insulation depth is increased beyond an optimum. Please explain or suggest North American references.

I am located in Canada near Detroit – I believe climate zone 5.

Also, can you recommend energy analysis software for both new and energy renovations?

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  1. matthew25 | | #1

    BEopt is an easy to use software that will let you run as many scenarios with differing insulation levels as you would like.

  2. relztes | | #2

    Every time you double the insulation thickness, you cut the heat loss in half. So imagine a house where 1" of insulation would result in $4000 annual energy bills. 2" of insulation cuts energy use to $2000. 4" gives $1000. 8" gives $500. 16" gives $250. Etc.

    For that first step, you save $2000 by adding 1" ($2000/in). For the last step, you save $250 for +8" ($31/in). Each time you double, there's half as much energy left to save and you're using twice as much insulation, so the value is four times lower

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