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Options for trapezoidal clerestory windows that won’t break the bank?

grmp945 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Hi all,

I’m thinking of adding a simple fixed clerestory window above a door on a workshop I’m building. The window shape would be trapezoidal. As a beginner DIY builder, I’m a bit confused about window options.

The location I have in mind is in the attached photo. I’d like to put the window above the door and horizontal band detail and in between the two sets of roof beams. I did not actually frame this area for a window, but I believe no special framing is necessary since the roof load is carried by the roof beams. I can have the engineer that approved my plans double check.

So what are my options here? I know this might seem like a very basic question but I really don’t know where to go for a more specialized window unit like this.

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  1. Expert Member


    Window manufacturers will build any shaped window you want. They just cost more than their standard sized units.

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