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Outdoor wood burner

Vpachmayer | Posted in General Questions on

What are everyone’s opinions of an outdoor wood burner for heating?

In Ohio, we have 17 acres of trees, so no shortage of wood. The labor of splitting the logs would be the only downside, I think.

Are they efficient? Can you use other natural gas/propane if you don’t have wood split?

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  1. user-4885540 | | #1

    Had a central boiler (older model I can remember which) in my last house (central MN) and will be installing the big Classic Edge this fall to heat our home, garage, shop, and greenhouse in SW MT (both climate zone 6). We used a natural gas boiler in my last house but will use a backup electric hot water heater in the new setup. When I ran it in my last house I would load it 1/2 full twice a day and spent less than 800 a year on heating and hot water and burned about 4 cords a year of mixed hard and soft woods (which I cut for free). If you have easy access to firewood and/or enjoy cutting and splitting it is a very good option. I wouldn’t not have one assuming you can come up with the firewood.

    1. Vpachmayer | | #4

      What was the square footage of your home, if I may ask?

  2. Cleanburning | | #2

    I used a Central Boiler for years, their new Edge models are very clean, they hold the #1, #2 & #3 spot on the EPA website for wood burning appliances.

    1. Vpachmayer | | #3

      Do you know if you can heat a pool with a Central Boiler somehow?

      1. Cleanburning | | #5

        Yes heating a pool is very common, I heated a 20' above ground pool when my kids were young. Living here in NW Minnesota it helped extend the season by a couple of months.

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