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Overhang Length

bionny | Posted in General Questions on

I have a problem with this small part of the roof not having an overhang. If I add one, should I extend and overhang to 24 inches or 36 inches? I was reading that anything longer than 24 inches can create future problems?

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    If your local codes are based on the IRC, as is the case with most of the US, you are limited to 24" overhangs unless you get a structural engineer to say otherwise, or if you add support such as a beam or brackets.

  2. Expert Member


    It also looks like the existing roof is very short. Your cantilever length is governed both by the limit Michael cited, and the proportion of the framing that extends back to the wall. For practical and aesthetic reasons, I would go somewhere between 12" and 16".

    On a retrofit with stucco wall cladding your most vulnerable joint is going to be where the new roof meets that material. Make sure your builder flashes that intersection correctly.

    1. bionny | | #3

      Good points. Thank you. Do you guys think we should change the insulation on that part of the roof or just leave the old one ? The roofer said it looked fine . That I shouldn't spend more money.

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