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Partial encapsulated crawlspace?

joenorm | Posted in General Questions on

Hi All,

My vented crawlspace was built 2 years ago in climate 4C. 

From what I read and observe, ventilated crawls are not perfect in this climate, but are not automatic disasters like in other climates.

That said, There are already large cobwebs down there and I can only imagine things will get worse. I would like to begin the encapsulation process with a nice white vapor barrier and eventually cover the vents up.

But the floor insulation looks perfect and is essentially brand new, I am not ready to tear it out.  Is there a hybrid encapsulation approach? Can I add a vapor barrier, cover vents, and skip the concrete stem wall insulation?

I do not have mechanicals down there and there is already a 6 mil black plastic barrier layer on the dirt but not taped. Any suggestions? 


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  1. Jon_R | | #1

    Don't cover the vents without a properly encapsulated and conditioned crawlspace. But you could use insulation and/or vapor retarders to improve the performance of a vented crawlspace - less cooling and less ground moisture entering should be beneficial.

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