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Passive House Consultant training

rbutton | Posted in PassivHaus on

I’m considering taking the Passive House Consultant training program, and was curious if anyone out there has done it. I’m a LEED AP (BD+C, Homes) and a licensed architect with over 17 years of experience. I’m doing a lot of reading about the standard (the many articles and posts on GBA have been very helpful, thanks), but haven’t seen much on the consultant training. Any opinions?

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  1. Wolfgang Feist | | #1

    Don't ask me (;-). You might always learn from maniacs - you can't learn much from idiots. But there is a danger: You might feel like a maniac afterwards (:-).

  2. Robert Swinburne | | #2

    Roxanne - I realize the above post is a few years old. I too am considering the training but am intimidated. Did you go for it?

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    Did you listen to the GBA podcast on the topic yet? You might be interested in Jesse Thompson's take on the question: So You Want to Be a Passivhaus Consultant?

  4. Mike Eliason | | #4


    oddly enough, I took a stab at that topic as well (with an identical title?!?) but had a different take.

    my thoughts - if you want to be a better PH designer/implementer - the passive house academy training gets higher accolades, and their training manual alone is worth the cost. my biz partner took PHA's therm training and highly rec'd it. in the 12 years i've known him, he's highly recommended maybe three things, and two of those were related to red sox world series tickets.

    frankly, if you're already doing smart, green work - you can avoid training and get PH folks to assist you with your PHPP/details over beers (there are at least 2 folks taking this route in seattle). obviously, i'm a little biased, but having been slandered multiple times by kat - i feel it's justified.

  5. Robert Swinburne | | #5

    Thanks all, I think my interest in the training is more about learning to use the tool for everything I do - I may never do a passive house. And as a way of expanding my offerings to offer energy modeling -Are there consulting opportunities as a Passive House Consultant? It would also look really good on my resume. I am well versed in green building basics and controversies thanks to this website and all the seminars I attend but when it comes to energy modeling, my clients are too cheap to go for an additional consultant and my own approach is to use an online calculator. I suppose I could sit down and (re)learn the long hand approach I learned in college.
    -Bob Swinburne

  6. Robert Swinburne | | #6

    And thanks, Mike - I hadn't gotten to your blog yet even though I mentioned once on my own blog
    reading now.

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