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Peel-and-stick products

Joel Cheely | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I’m planning to renovate and add on to my house using an exterior insulation method (Central New York, zone 5). I plan to use REMOTE guidelines as basis of design and plan to use peel and stick membranes for waterproofing, air/water barriers and drying in protection at following location,s and I’d like some input re: specific products some of you have been pleased with (and offer best value):

1. Foundation walls. I’ll need something high-performance like GCP Bituthene 4000 unless someone has a better suggestion. I plan to put insulation on outside, if I can figure out best way to attach to concrete wall.

2. Exterior walls. There seem to be many offerings by various companies, some with good/better/best products. The GCP “Select” or GAF “Stormguard” or “Weatherwatch” seem to be plenty adequate for this purpose. I’ve used GCP “Ice and Water” in the past, but it seems like overkill (and somewhat pricey) for this purpose. This is over OSB.

3. Roofs. Peel and stick may be overkill for the roof, but given the do-it-yourself nature this project is likely to take I see an advantage to covering the whole roof with it and being weather tight. This will be a vented roof with metal roofing directly applied over the peel and stick. In my climate (maybe 5-10 days above 90 any given year), is a high temperature peel and stick necessary? Will I need to put red rosin paper under the metal anyway? Anyone have experience with the peel and stick membranes mentioned above or any other suggestions? The roofs are simple slopes, 7/12 pitch, only one short valley, no hips.


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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    To create an air barrier and vapor barrier for your walls (as required for the PERSIST or REMOTE method), almost any peel-and-stick product will work. The main variations have to do with thickness and stickiness in cold weather. If you aren't trying to install this product at cold temperatures, they all work adequately.

    For use on a roof, you need to choose a product that is rated for roofs and described by the manufacturer as appropriate for roofs.

    Exterior insulation for your foundation walls can be held in place by the backfilled soil, by an adhesive, or with Rodenhouse fasteners. For more information on Rodenhouse fasteners, see New Green Building Products — June 2013.

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