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Removing Window and Door Headers to Insulate

SouthDakotaRoof | Posted in General Questions on

My siding/exterior insulation project is soon to start back up. I will be removing a few unwanted windows and one door permenantly, install studs and making wall.
Questions on the window/door headers- I assume they should be removed to make room for insulation? Likely build a temporary wall to brace the truss above while surgery happens and studs are installed?
What about the gable side? I understand gable ends are usually (but not always?) Not load bearing walls… I wouldn’t know if mine are or not, so should anything be done while remove those window headers for structural safety or such?
Thank you for any pointers and opinions 😁

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  1. evantful | | #1

    Hi, I would just leave the headers in place and frame in the opening. Keep it simple, I think the gain of added insulation over such a small area would be worth it

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