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Community and Q&A

Peter Yost is the new Q&A moderator

Martin Holladay | Posted in General Questions on

Brian Pontolilo, who until recently was the moderator of our Q&A site, is now focusing on other duties at Taunton Press. Stepping in to fill the position of Q&A moderator here at GBA is Peter Yost.

Peter Yost has been an essential member of the GBA team from Day One. As GBA’s technical director, Peter contributes to our Q&A Spotlight series. He also writes regular articles for our Building Science blog series. After working for Building Green for many years, he recently founded a consulting company called Building-Wright.

I’m delighted to welcome Peter Yost as he takes over the job of moderating our Q&A forum.

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  1. charlie_sullivan | | #1

    I'm pleased to have Peter taking a more active role at GBA. I've always enjoyed and appreciated his other contributions here.

  2. Expert Member
    Peter Yost | | #2

    Thanks Martin -

    Will try and fill your rather large shoes, since you are largely responsible for GBA's success over the years, and particularly the GBA Q&A Community.


    1. Aedi | | #3

      Hi Peter,

      I noticed a spam account on this site that has been posting under the username DebraCStewart. I do not see a mechanism for flagging spam posts or users, so this seemed the most prudent way to bring it to your attention.

      I have greatly enjoyed reading your articles and Q&A contributions over the years, and am sure you will do a wonderful job of moderating the forum.

      1. GBA Editor
        Martin Holladay | | #4

        Thanks. GBA has always been plagued by spam that gets by our spam filter, and we have to delete the spam posts manually, one at a time. Thanks for letting us know. Usually, we eventually get caught up and delete the spam -- although when things get busy, the spam may be visible for a few hours.

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