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PEX manifold systems

drrossw | Posted in General Questions on

Is there any reason to use a manifold system on the cold supply side besides the convenience of maintenance on fixtures?

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  1. charlie_sullivan | | #1

    There's no energy efficiency reason, but there is one other reason, which is that you avoid the effect that turning on one fixture changes the flow rate in another fixture--the classic version of that being that flushing a toilet changes the temperature in a shower. That's less of a concern than it used to be, because modern shower valves are much less susceptible to that problem.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Many plumbers don't like home-run systems with a manifold because they require so much tubing.

    One touted virtue of these systems is that water pressure remains stable to all fixtures when several are used at the same time.

    I think that it's fair to say that there are pluses and minuses to both approaches -- the home-run approach and the trunk-and-branch approach.

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