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PEX Materials and strategies

dsmcn | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Are all PEX products equivalent? Are the variety of connection methods all reliable through time?

Currently, I am working on my rental 3 time zones away from my tools (modern life…) so the push-fit connection option would be desirable. But can I leave the job and return home with confidence?

Thanks for sharing your voices of experience!

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  1. Expert Member

    The two most common methods of connecting Pex which have long track records of success are crimping and Upnor's Wisbro system. The latter requires specialized tools and training, while a crimper can be bought at a big box for for around $70 bucks - and is the route I would suggest you go. If by push in connections you mean Sharkbites, they are reliable but unless you are only doing a couple of connections the cost quickly become prohibitive. I would b very cautious about relying on any other push in connectors, especially the all plastic ones.

  2. wjrobinson | | #2

    Big box yellow brass 90s and Ts fail. Winter weather, I warm up connections prior to assembly. Plastic Uponor fittings are more work but I feel they are best. SS Watts bands are by far the easiest and fast. They have leaked on me, always pressure test.

    Uponor also has integrated sprinkler system parts and plans which rentals should have for safety. Too many rental fires in the news my way.

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