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Pier footing sizing – interpret code

olandsns | Posted in Building Code Questions on

Fear I am misunderstanding our code, re footing thickness. 

Footing Thickness
1) Footing thickness shall be not less than the greater of
a) 100 mm, or
b) the width of the projection of the footing beyond the supported element.

Does the projection mean the distance from the base of the column to the edge of the footing? 

So in my case: 
12″ wide column/pier centered on a 30″ wide footing.
This leaves a 9″ projection on either side, meaning my footing thickness is 9″ min?

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  1. Expert Member


    I'm assuming you are in Canada.

    Yes the depth of a footing can't be less than the distance measured from the edge of a wall, column or pier to the edge of that footing.

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