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Placement of electrical wiring in attic

Folloup | Posted in General Questions on

I am renovating a house built in the 50s. Of course it has wiring with out the ground. I have been replacing some of the wiring where possible with new wire with a ground and tying it all to a central ground. My question is: Is it ok to run electrical wire along supporting members to the roof trusses? If I keep them in the ceiling joist then they will most certainly get cover by insulation when I finally get that far. I have read the information in past articles about how they must be accessible, but also knowing that to achieve the higher R-values they would normally get covered. There not going to be accessible. Am I better off just keeping the boxes on the ceiling joists?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    First of all, most jurisdictions require electrical work to be performed by an electrician.

    Second, your electrical boxes definitely have to be accessible. Nonmetalic sheathed cable (Romex wiring) doesn't have to be accessible. But it does have to meet a variety of code requirements for attachment, sizing, etc., so if you aren't familiar with the electrical code, you might want to hire an electrician.

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