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Plastic Shutters installed over wood

shhurs | Posted in General Questions on

We removed plastic shutters.  To our surprise they are installed over wood.  Not brick; not siding.  There is tar paper between the shutter and the wood surface.  
Do we need to reinstall tar paper or are there other options?

Could I use water sealant over the wood?  Any other barrier thats easy?

There were numerous wasps nexts under all louvered shuttered; yikes!

Advice needed.  We are in zone 5-6

Thank you

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  1. Expert Member


    Boy that's nasty thing for a builder to do. The area behind the shutters should be treated just like the rest of the wall. You don't say whether that is brick or siding, but the wall should look like it is finished before you decide to re-install the shutters. They are made to be a decorative overlay mimicking real movable shutters, not an alternative to cladding.

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