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Plumbing question – Domestic Water Heat Reclaimer

QuinnParrott | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Are these things a good idea? The manufacturer I’ve spoken with is a nice enough guy but I get the feeling I’m buying a used car.

We’ve put them into one house and I want to start putting in more, for customs and spec homes. But is it a good idea?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    If you are talking about drainwater heat-recovery devices made of copper (for example, a unit made by GFX, PowerPipe / RenewAbility, or WaterCycles), they work very well. Such devices make a lot of sense if the occupants prefer showers to baths. For families that prefer baths to showers, however, they won't really do much.

    Here are some links for more information:
    Drain-Water Heat Recovery Saves Energy

    Power-Pipe Drainwater Heat Recovery

    ECO-GFX Drain Water Heat Recovery Units

  2. propeller | | #2

    Here's a summary of an independent research that the Canadian government agency did on the product. and here's a saving calculator that may be handy if you live nearby a canadian city. Marc

  3. QuinnParrott | | #3

    Very nice - thank you very much.

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