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Plumbing Vents Through Siding

kevinjm4 | Posted in General Questions on

Zone 4c. Wondering if it is allowed to only vent plumbing through siding. I really can’t find info on that anywhere. I’d like to forego venting through roof if I can help that. And if I’m able to vent solely through siding then what would the boundaries/codes be?

any Help appreciated and thank you

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  1. billfrombirchwood | | #1

    Try the Terry Love plumbing site. Good source for plumbing and boilers.

  2. Expert Member


    it depends in which code you are under. Some allow venting out a side-wall with restrictions on how close to operable windows or roof vents it an be. Others want it extended up higher than the adjacent roof.

    Again depending on which code governs, you might be able to to do the whole house with AAVs.

    1. Expert Member
      BILL WICHERS | | #3

      >"Again depending on which code governs, you might be able to to do the whole house with AAVs."

      Do they let you do the ENTIRE house that way? Even using AAVs, I think you still need one "conventional" main vent to the outdoors.


      1. Expert Member
        MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #4


        Surprisingly enough some do. Seems counterintuitive to me too.
        Here our code only allows them on Island sinks. Nowhere else. I prefer a Chicago loop to vent an island.

  3. kevinhenry | | #5

    I'm not a code expert, but I believe that the IPC (adopted by most states) allows this under some conditions but the UPC does not. I looked specifically at the California Plumbing Code (based on the UPC) and did not see how I could avoid terminating above the roof.

    That said, the code doesn't say the vent actually has to go through the roof, so in theory you could go out the wall as long as the vent ultimately terminates higher than the roof.

    The only way to know for sure is to look up the actual code applicable in your area.

  4. AndersB | | #6

    Give your local inspector a call and you will most likely get the answers you need.
    I just finished a building with a side went, 10' above ground and 6' from any operable window with the inspectors blessing (plus minimum 15' from the property line).

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