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Podcast problems

Highball71 | Posted in General Questions on

Could someone walk me through the process of downloading a podcast into iTunes? I’ve mastered Right-Clicking on a Mac, I’ve clicked on eveything in sight, and I still can’t seem to download a podcast.

On a related note, if the excellent Green Architects’ Lounge is in iTunes, why can’t the rest of the podcasts be? I spend a good chunk of my day in the car and would be ecstatic if I could listen to some of the other content via my iPhone.

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  1. BruceAF | | #1

    If you right-click on the download link you should be abel to open directly in iTunes...if not, download to you download folder and then right-click and 'one with' iTunes which will then download to your music folder. Alternately, I think you can drag to your desk top and follow same as above.

  2. Highball71 | | #2

    Thanks Bruce. I think the issue was my old laptop. Bought a new MacBook tonight and it worked like a charm. Still would love to see the podcasts catalogued or grouped somehow, but this will be fine for now.

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    Thanks for the great suggestion. We'll work on it.

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