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Removing Stains From Concrete Floors

monchgreen | Posted in General Questions on

Hello! Our energy efficient house in Olympia, Washington has polished concrete floor. We like the look of concrete, but the floor stains so easily. Any suggestions on removing stains from indoor polished concrete floor? Thanks!

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  1. vashonz | | #1

    Not sure if it addresses what to do with already stained floors.
    Prosoco makes a series of products we used on our concrete floors. Hardener/Densifier, sealer ect.

    We started to have some minor staining (cooking, dropping greasy/wet things) then sealed with their Concrete Protector SB, we found that it made it much more water and oil resistant. It still stains somewhat, but have accepted that changing patterns is part of having concrete floors.

    The also make a series of cleaner/degreasers we have the daily Klean and (much more concentrated/aggressive) "cleaner/Degreaser" if we ever need to get something serious out.

    1. monchgreen | | #3

      Thanks for your reply. I am looking at these products. First experience was dripping some Lysol bathroom cleaner that literally etched the floor. We can see where a frozen blueberry spent the night. With some stains no clue to the source. I use a steam mop with only distilled water regularly - cleans well. Thanks again.

  2. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #2

    +1 for sealing the floor.

    The only way I know of to get rid of stains or oil-infused areas (which will cause adherence problems for any kind of top coat) is to grind them out. If it's a really shallow issue on the surface, bead blasting is probably enough. Both are messy processes that I'd hate to have to do inside of a finished home's living space.


  3. monchgreen | | #4

    Thanks, Bill! Should have looked into sealing early on. Still like the concrete floor, but sometimes miss the white tile floor I had throughout in another house. Cheers!

  4. user-5946022 | | #5

    Also consider a hardener. Ashford Formula is often used in commercial settings where food is involved. Of course they don't care if the concrete spots, they just want to prevent dusting and want to prevent grease from penetrating the concrete and it becoming slick.

    Prosoco makes good products.

    To address the stains you already have, look at making a poultice. Google around for the best type. One type involves baking soda and water mixed to a paste, spread on stain, cover with plastic and tape the edges of the plastic. Let it sit. Supposedly the baking soda pulls the stain out of the material.

  5. GBA Editor
    Kiley Jacques | | #6

    Hi Michael,

    Fine Homebuilding has this advice for removing stains from concrete surfaces.

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