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Portable AC for house of casement windows

maine_tyler | Posted in Mechanicals on

Has anyone here had the good fortune of trying to run portable or window air conditioners in a house full of casement windows?

I would like to install mini-splits eventually, but for a few reasons I won’t be doing that for a year or two (waiting to improve the building envelope and also have an infant on the way, so things are… busy).

I was eyeing something like the dual hose Whynter-ARC-14S-Conditioner. Most pop-review sites seem to recommend single hose versions as top picks, which is quizzical and sort of puts me into a rage about our pop-consumer-culture (unless I am wrong about the inferiority of single hose).

Anyways, I suppose I would seal off the casement with a piece of plywood or Lexan or something, but as I picture myself doing this craft project I start to cringe and wonder if I should just hold my cards until the mini-splits show.

Is there an easy and graceful way to accomplish portable cooling with casements? 

Why aren’t there more ‘portable split AC’s’ ?

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