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portable dehumidifiers

charles3 | Posted in Mechanicals on

Are there any that are as efficient as Santa Fe? And durable/reliable too? I need something that extracts about 40 pints a day.

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  1. charles3 | | #1

    Low noise is important too.

  2. 99IdoDIY | | #2

    I got an Aprilaire and it is great. The guy at told me the pint per day rates are calculated in a lab at 80 degrees and constant humidity. So, if you basement is colder than that the actual pint per day will be less. It was hard to find info on how well dehumidifiers did at normal basement temps. I dug around and found info on the Aprilaire and mine is rated to get 70 (at 80 deg.) and 50 pints at 65 deg. It's working great and I raised the temp setting on my AC.

  3. charles3 | | #3

    I know Aprilaire is a good brand but they don't offer portables.

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