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Post-Apocalyptic Times

GBA Editor | Posted in General Questions on

As one of the intrepid Democracy Now crew (all of whom made it to the studio in Manhattan by walking, bicycling and hitchhiking to get Amy’s show on the air) said, “it’s like post-apocalyptic – cars lined the streets and people were sleeping in their cars – the plows were all stuck…”

All it takes is a good ole Nor’easter and the entire edifice of civilization comes to a screeching halt. Airports closed and thousands of flights cancelled, Amtrack running like molasses if at all, subway trains frozen to their tracks, plows unable to move, police cars stuck in the snowbanks.

You might think we’d learn some lessons from these events – such as that we can never conquer Mother Nature, that the blind forces of the weather can overpower our best technology, that all our hubris and cleverness are insufficient to keep the train of civilization moving on its track.

Portents of things to come.

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  1. 2tePuaao2B | | #1

    Call me crazy, but for some reason days like this give me a "shit eatin" grin!
    I don't know why.... just happens...

  2. user-869687 | | #2

    Jeez Robert, could you wait until we temporarily run out of apocalypse themed threads to start a new one?

    Whenever I hear "flights grounded for days due to..." as during the Eykfl-- eruption or a blizzard, I think, well there's some jet fuel that didn't get burned.

  3. T7sX5ebany | | #3

    I just love portents of things to come. They're just so much better than portents of things that have already happened...
    Sorry Robert, I couldn't resist tweaking a Master Grammarian who doesn't know the meanings of "(sic)" or enough.
    Sorry everyone else for the repetitious and voluminous fall-out.

    Reason for edit : to apologize.

  4. 5C8rvfuWev | | #4

    Heck Robert, it only takes 2-3 inches, like we got on Christmas, to do the trick where I live. No bread or milk to be found in stores for miles. I've lived near Boston and near Atlanta -- my conclusion: bread and milk is all it takes to wait out the end times. Just saying.

    Joe W

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