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Posting Visual Aids

John Brooks | Posted in General Questions on

I know that GBA is working on a posting feature for illustrations
I would hope we can also post PDF format
I have been sending complex PDF drawings to clients for a while now
I think PDF is far superior to JPG
It seems very universal too… at least all of my clients have no problems viewing “large” drawings
Up to a sheet size of 36 inches x 48 inches

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  1. John Brooks | | #1

    A work around possibilty would be to post the illustrations at another site (or bucket)
    and then link to the illustrations

    I have also considered starting parallel discussions at JLC
    The Posting features at JLC are good ...
    but the downside is that casual (anonymous)users can not "see" the illustrations or make comments

  2. Riversong | | #2

    Uh Oh. John raised the anonymous posting issue on yet another thread.

  3. David Meiland | | #3

    John, I would say go ahead and establish a web space using your own domain name or a service like Picasa. An advantage is that you can keep track of what you posted and where. If you add content to forum threads you soon forget about it.

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