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Precast Residential in Florida

Realplaces | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Im a new guy here and have been following some of the posts here from poeple like Sal Lombardo. The Florida coastal environment obviously has storms, humidity, salt-corrosion, intense direct heat, soil layers that in many cases may require drilling 30′ footings for foundation, and now extra-aggressive wood-eating critters that were accidentally imported from foreign lands. Right now labor is short and materials delayed from importation, scarce and costly. 

I have been looking into reinforced precast concrete construction, including 2nd floor planks with tension rods that allow a wide-open “flow-through” 2nd and 3rd floor without intermittent vertical reinforcement. 

I dont know the consequence of using these materials from the standpoint of insulation, durability, limitations, requirements or cost of construction, and was hoping some of you could discuss this and share some recommended links so that I could better understand use of precast concrete in an residential application. – Jon

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