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Preventing condensation in storage unit

woodguy00 | Posted in General Questions on

Not a building question but building science (or at least science) related, hopefully the smart folks here can answer.

My wife and I plan to go live full time in an RV for the next couple years or longer. After selling off much of our furniture and possessions, we plan to rent a storage space for our remaining goods. I’m thinking we would buy a 20 foot enclosed trailer to move and store our goods which would be parked at a self storage facility. An outdoor storage lot would expose the trailer to the elements. I’m leaning towards renting an enclosed garage type unit and parking the trailer inside.

If the building is not climate controlled, would having a second layer of protection (the storage unit) significantly reduce the risk of loss to the stuff in the trailer? I’m concerned here about humidity and temperature change, perhaps mold and mildew. What do you all think?

Since we don’t know where we may eventually settle, we could rent space over a wide range of the country. Humid or dry climate , to a certain extent north or south. Say Arkansas, South Dakota or New Mexico. Would it make much difference?


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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    If you had to choose a location, you would choose a very dry location in Arizona or New Mexico, like where the airplane storage companies park unused jets.

    That said, the real answer is to rent climate-controlled storage space, and store your cardboard boxes (without the trailer) in the climate-controlled warehouse.

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