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Insect Screen in Rainscreen

caliberger | Posted in General Questions on

I’m installing James Hardie Reveal which includes a perforated vent screen. This should keep larger insects from establishing a home in the rain screen cavity but I’d like to keep smaller insects out as well. So far I’ve found Delta Bug Screen and Cor-A-Vent SV-5, neither of which is available at my local big box stores. What other products should I be looking at in this category? I have also considered simply using screen door mesh but it seems that a thicker product would be easier to install.

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  1. Expert Member


    I have builder friends on the prairies who have renovated houses there and found the rain-screen cavities full of ladybugs. My own experience is that insets of a certain size - like sugar ants - are also able to evade bug screens and set up nests in the gap. I'm not sure that any house can be built tight enough so that over time very small insects won't be able to gain entry.

  2. caliberger | | #2

    Thanks Malcolm. Wouldn't mind ladybugs at all but yes, we have ants around here, and they're on my list of bugs I'd like to keep out. They are not the tiny variety and screen door mesh would keep them out but again, I'm looking for something easier to install that is available at my local big box stores

  3. Expert Member


    We have carpenter ants here, and my own house has perforated flashing at the base of cavity similar to that sold by Menzies Metals. They don't seem to be able to get through the holes, but easily find other points of entry. The only solution I have found is to keep a clear area immediately adjacent to the walls and bait when you see ants.

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