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Price for replacing roof

Jonathan-123 | Posted in Project Management on

We had a couple of leaks through our tiled roof. A roofing (limited) company would not give a quote before starting the job, saying they needed to see what the roofing felt etc was like and needed to removed areas of tiles to find out.

They quoted us £15,000 to do the job, but they had already removed several areas of tiles and started replacing battens before giving me the price, so I was not able to dispute it at that stage. I negotiated the price down to £14,250, and they made me sign a “quotation” at this price.

The bungalow is detached with a roof area of about 250 sq m with 2 dormer windows (one an “eyebrow” shape). That works out at about £57 per sq m. It includes removing moss, re-using existing tiles (mostly), new felt, spraying with fungicide and removing the ridge.

Am I being ripped off or is this a reasonable price for work in Surrey?

They reckon 7-8 days work for 4 guys. I think I should see the price separated into labour and materials.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Even if most GBA readers lived in the U.K. -- they don't -- I don't think any of them could answer your question.

    Prices for construction work are intensely local. Many prices -- including permitting fees, debris disposal costs, and insurance costs -- vary widely from country to country.

    Moreover, no one can evaluate a roofing job like the one that you describe without a site visit.

    One last point: In the U.S., a roofing bid doesn't show separate line items for materials and labor.

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