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Price of ventilation ducting for HRV/ERV?

davorradman | Posted in General Questions on

I am from Europe, so obviously situation will be different, but is there a rough estimate how much does ductwork for ventilation cost for a 2000sqft/200m2 brick & mortar (& concrete) house?

The house would be brick and mortar, with concrete ceiling, so ductwork would likely go in the “fake” ceiling.

Another option is a Zehnder system with in-floor ducting, but unfortunately that looks unlikely, since finding contractor might be impossible.

Contractors here are few and far between, because ventilation is a very new trend, it is just starting now. I don’t want to get swindled.

If I bought equipment myself (with partlist made by a professional), and followed manuals, could i do it myself? I do have a father who’s a construction worker in Switzerland for the last 30 years..

Installation of the main unit (most likely Zehnder) and intakes/exhausts I would leave to the professional..

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    The last time you posted a question, I got the impression that you are a Croatian citizen who is building in Switzerland. But perhaps I misunderstood. Are you building in Switzerland or Croatia?

    There is no way that American or Canadian readers of this forum (that's where most of our readers live) will be able to estimate construction costs in Switzerland or Croatia.

    Two pieces of good news: (1) Zehnder has an excellent reputation for customer service -- here in the U.S., the company helps homeowners or builders with system design -- and (2) the company is headquartered in Switzerland. I advise you to contact Zehnder. Here is the contact information:

    Zehnder Group
    Moortalstrasse 1
    CH-5722 Gränichen
    Tel: 0041-62-855-1500
    [email protected]

  2. davorradman | | #2

    Thanks Martin

    I am from Croatia, and building in Croatia. I mention Switzerland only because my father works there, and because they have high standards. And now also because Zehnder is from Switzerland :)

    I have already contacted Zehnder to inquire about ordering equipment, and possibly finding someone to install.

    I simply wanted to know if the labor in installing ducting, and the material itself, is usually more expensive than the HRV/ERV unit itself. I know there are large variations, but surely they are not in the x2, x3 range..

    But whatever it is, hopefully someone from Zehnder will contact me. They are not officially present in Croatia.

  3. JC72 | | #3


    The cost of labor is basically a local/regional phenomena.

  4. STEPHEN SHEEHY | | #4

    Davor: I didn't track installation costs for our Zehnder HRV. But our installer had never installed one and found it pretty easy. He was impressed with the design of the various components and how well everything fit together. If you can locate the tubes in a chase, so you avoid drilling lots of holes, l think you'll find installation will be much less costly than the cost of components. I'm sure that was the case for us.
    We're in Maine.

  5. davorradman | | #5

    Thanks Stephen!

    As other have pointed out, region play a major role. But your positive example gives me hope :)

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