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Price shopping Roxul Comfortboard IS in Northern New England, experiences?

kfree | Posted in General Questions on

Looking for anyone’s experience in price shopping Roxul ComfortBoard IS in western Maine. My quote from initial search with my building supply resource was crazy high. Seems like there might be ‘pockets’ of heavier demand, possibly in Vermont, where bulk pricing might be more palatable. Anyone have experience with similar searches?

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  1. dankolbert | | #1

    What are you basing "crazy high" on? Have you seen lower prices elsewhere?

  2. kfree | | #2

    Comparative board foot price to xps or polyiso. the price IS high without any comp.

  3. dankolbert | | #3

    Well, yes - it's much pricier than those products. I don't think that's going to change.

  4. kfree | | #4

    not very helpful for me, sorry. just looking for somebody that has priced roxul in my region.

  5. Irishjake | | #5


    I have priced Roxul (NH) and even when trying to buy it by the truckload it is still much more expensive than XPS, EPS, PIR, or PUR. Unfortunate, because had it been more competitive I would have surely liked to use it.

  6. dankolbert | | #6

    I bought a significant quantity a few years ago for a job in Falmouth. The best price we found at the time was from Hammond Lumber. But still much more than other products.

  7. DIYJester | | #7

    Have you checked the big box stores with an orange sign? I was able to get 2" Comfort Board IS in 3'x4' sections that was only about $.02 a board foot more than 2" XPS. I would have used the Comfort Board on the whole house it was a bit more of an air barrier at this price. I am going to try it below grade as it had similar values as the Drainboard, and supposedly they are coming out with below grade application instructions soon.

  8. Irishjake | | #8

    The problem with figuring it by the bd ft and not by the R-value needed - means that it is significantly more than XPS, or Neopor. Then again if you don't want foam - you need to look at other options which in rigid board are much more than Comfortboard.

  9. Dana1 | | #9

    Comparing cost by the board foot is still reasonable against Type-II EPS (not graphite loaded NeoPor) which has nearly identical R-values at any thickness, or XPS which will eventually degrade to that of rock wool or EPS.

    It's definitely more expensive, but it doesn't burn, doesn't shrink over time, and ants & termites won't use it as a tunneling medium, and it doesn't inhibit drying toward the exterior. (The latter factor means you can safely "cheat" the IRC chapter 7 prescriptives for dew point control when using only standard latex as the interior side vapor retarder. But it's only a bit- don't push it too far...)

  10. user-1135248 | | #10

    I was looking into sourcing Comfortboard CIS [the slightly denser
    stuff] a while back, and HD said they could get me 2" for $12.35
    per three-pack of 4x3 sheets. Is that 34 or 17 cents a board-foot?
    Anyway, the mere fact that they had an SKU for it was great, as it
    had been an uphill battle finding *anybody* that carried it at all.
    Too new back then, or something, but retailers are starting to source
    a broader line of Roxul's stuff. I haven't actually gone and bought
    it yet, so pricing may be different now.


  11. Dirk Denzin | | #11

    I recently tried my HD for the Comfortboard CIS. No good, they don't sell it and can't get it from their distributor. I called Roxul, they gave the name of 2 suppliers that handle the commercial stuff. 1st one didn't have it and had no interest on ordering some. 2nd one was going to get back to me with a quote and never heard from him again.

    must be tough when you have people that want to buy your product but your distributors aren't interested in selling it.

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