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Problem with discontinued multi head minisplit

carlosdanger | Posted in Mechanicals on

One head on my Mitsubishi system, a msz-ge09na-8, I suspect may be the cause of a leak in my overall system. It is one of 5 indoor units connected to a mxz8b48ma outdoor unit. From what I can tell ge09na-8 units don’t seem to be for sale any longer and changing the evaporator coil, from what I am told, is extremely labor intensive, and therefore very expensive. I was wondering what do people do when they find themselves in this position? Does anyone have experience dealing with a similar situation? Any possible solutions? Thanks.

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  1. walta100 | | #1

    Have you contacted Mitsubishi?
    Generally the new model heads will be compatible with older systems for a few years.


  2. carlosdanger | | #2

    Thanks. I'll have to give them a call to see.

  3. carlosdanger | | #3

    We found the leak in the system and it wound up being in the coil of the outdoor unit, basically right in the innermost part of the machine. I think I have located a replacement coil online, but it was difficult to find, and what I found nearby was very expensive - it would probably be cheaper to replace the whole unit, if it were still available for purchase, which I don't think it is. I never realized how quickly mini split units and parts go obsolete. I'm now worried that I'm going to spend a few thousand dollars fixing my 9 year old 5 zone outdoor unit just to have another problem in the future that will require me to have to replace the whole system because parts are no longer available. Also, I installed these units when the house was gutted, so all my lineset are in the walls. I'm wondering if I'll even be able to reuse the linesets when I'll be needing to replace the units I have now or I'll have to reroute everything on the exterior. I didn't expect to be having major problems with my equipment before I've even owned it for ten years. Now I'm wondering how long it will be before it needs to be totally replaced. Not to mention the 18.5 lbs of r410a released into the environment.

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