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Heat-Pump Condenser Unit Installation

mfleck | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all,

We just had a whole house mini split heat pump system installed and we are very excited about it. My only concern is that the outdoor unit was installed on a ground stand that is placed directly on the bare earth. My worry is that with frost and rain the stand will shift on the bare earth and become unstable. So,

1.  Am I correct that when a condenser is installed on a ground stand it should be placed on a solid foundation such as a concrete slab?

2.  Is it possible to wall mount a condenser of this size? I believe it is over 350 pounds. I have a solid masonry foundation to tie into which may help. Would this require bolting through the foundation?


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  1. kyle_r | | #1

    I would not mount it to the wall, vibration can be an issue. My outdoor unit legs are mounted to patio pavers. In this case if the ground does heave I can re-level the unit.

  2. Expert Member


    It doesn't need much, but it needs more than that. A small slab, patio stones - even some pt. 6"x6"s. If you are in an area with snow, an elevated stand is a good idea.

    I agree with Kyle. If possible, ground mounting is a better bet than attached to the house.

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