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Prosoco Cat 5 vs. peel-and-stick tape

Peter L | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

For exterior OSB joints. Is it better to use the Prosoco Joint Filler caulk/compound or just use peel & stick tape? Which will last longer?

Prosoco is supposedly breathable so it allows moisture to dry. Any feedback in the field?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Here are links to two articles I wrote on liquid-applied flashing products:

    Liquid-Applied Flashing

    A Backyard Test of Liquid-Applied Flashings

    Here are links to two GBA articles on tapes:

    Return to the Backyard Tape Test

    Two Wingnuts Describe Their Backyard Tape Tests

    Personally, I think the easiest approach to sealing OSB sheathing seams is to use a tape like Siga Wigluv, 3M All Weather Flashing tape, or Zip system tape. But other GBA readers may have a different opinion.

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