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PV panel quote

marnichol | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Just a quote from a local solar installer quote is in Canadian. The provincial government just announced a rebate of 40% up to $10000 so rebate should be the max. Just wondering any thoughts on the products quoted.
Location Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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  1. Jon_R | | #1

    Looks good to me, as long as you intend to live there long enough to get a payback and net metering is attractive.

  2. STEPHEN SHEEHY | | #2

    Not including tax, that's about $2 US per watt, which is much cheaper than we can get in Maine. LG panels have a good reputation and 400 watt panels are quite new. Enphase also has a good reputation. With a 40% rebate, it looks like a good deal, although I don't know what other companies are doing in Canada.
    What is your net metering deal? Do you need more than 13,000 kwh/ year? If you produce excess over your consumption, what happens?

  3. marnichol | | #3

    The net metering is reset annually they pay us the same rate we are chsrged, so dont want to over produce. The house is almost 4 years old and we've averaged 14500 kwh annually for heat lights and hot water, 3 adults and 2 kids. An in law suit plus our own home close to 3000 square feet finished between main level and walk out basement.
    The 40% maxs out at $10000 so we should be paying around $25000 plus interest.

    1. STEPHEN SHEEHY | | #4

      That's the same net metering deal we have in Maine. What's your rate for electricity? Ours is about 16¢ US.

      1. marnichol | | #5

        Its $0.143 at the moment but they are applying for a rate increase.

  4. MattJF | | #6

    I think I would size the system to maximize the incentive and then stop. With the current proposal, you are looking at 14+ year straight up breakeven, which is pretty long.

    What is the rest of the enclosure like? Would the $10k extra you are considering be better spent on other improvements?

  5. thrifttrust | | #7

    If you have or plan to get an electric car, even a plug in hybrid, you will easily suck up any extra production.

  6. jaccen | | #8

    Question (a bit selfish as I'm in Ontario)--is there a rebate option for "selfish" solar? Ie. no net metering and the power is only used locally?

    1. Expert Member
      BILL WICHERS | | #9

      If the power is only consumed within your home, then your savings will just be reduced electric bills that are reduced by the amount of solar production you have.

      If you want to know about any potential rebates to help offset the installation cost of your system, you might try calling the hydro one people.


    2. marnichol | | #10

      The rebate specifies must be net metered.

      1. jaccen | | #11

        Thanks. I suspected as much. I am interested in panels simply for reduced electric bills and have no wish to deal with the net meter hassle. Cheers.

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