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PVC Deck Boards for soffit material?

db_neuhaus | Posted in General Questions on

Our house currently has continious ridge vent and vinyl soffit.  However only every 4th panel is vented and I’d like to increase the intake (as well as change the color/look).  A fellow contractor has a large quantity of leftover solid edge pvc decking approx 2′ long.  The length is just about perfect to work for the 2′ overhangs on my house.   My idea was to cover the soffit opening with hardware cloth/stainless screening and install the boards like standard decking with gaps to allow for venting.  Is there any reason this would be a terrible idea?   I’ve looked around the internet and can’t find anyone using pvc decking in an out of the box in a situation like this but I can think of any reason it shouldn’t be a durable and fairly maintenance free option.  Its a high end Wolf PVC deck board.  

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    It's probably not common because the material is so expensive. If you have access to some I think it's a great idea. Maybe use trim-head screws so you can take it down for access in the future?

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