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Qualified Insulation Installer in Maryland

johnmann111 | Posted in General Questions on

I am having a difficult time finding someone who is experienced in installing exterior insulation for my upcoming build. I would love to do it my self but since I’m doing a bank loan I am forced to pay someone to do it….. My GC go-to guy has never done it and gave us a quote for 48K to insulate rockwool on a small 36×34 square house and that just seems way over what it should cost. I’m not sure if he is putting in a lot of padding because they have never done it before and not sure how much work it is or what.  I have called a few other places in Maryland but everyone acts like I’m speaking a different language when it comes to installing exterior insulation.  Does anyone know of an experienced installer or someone I can contact?

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    On my house, the GC had the framers install the exterior insulation. Now, I used rigid foam, which is not a finicky as rock wool. If it were me, I'd look for reclaimed rigid foam (which seems to be harder to find nowadays) and go back to my GC for a second conversation.

    ZIP-R would be another option for getting a better performing wall without the extra installation steps.

  2. andy719 | | #2

    Unfortunately we are probably 2 years from Maryland jurisdictions adopting the 2021 IECC. At that point every insulation company better be equipped to install exterior continuous insulation or risk getting dumped by builders. That doesn't help you now though.

    I realize this is a bit of work, and I'm a glutton for punishment, but if I really wanted exterior insulation, I would probably start by looking up any builders in the area that will build energy star rated homes. They probably have a better idea about energy conservation than most builders around here just because they are going to be the only ones not putting ducts in unconditioned attics. Ask if they are willing and able to offer you a referral for an insulator with the experience you are looking for.

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