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Quality cost-effective windows for new construction?

user-5920178 | Posted in General Questions on

I am in the building stages of my full ICF house 2300 sq ft in Colorado (zone 5) and need to decide on what windows and doors I will be using. I would like to get quality, energy efficient windows and doors that will compliment the ICF walls. I understand the glass part of things fairly well as far as U-factor and SHGC goes, but my question pertains to window material and brand.

Are vinyl windows a viable option? I have a read some information claiming that vinyl windows have reached a point where they are just as functional as wood or fiberglass windows. I had been looking at Simonton for example. However, a lot of my friends in the area wont entertain the though of using anything other than Pella or Anderson wood or metal for new construction.

What is the recommendation on window construction from the Green Building Community? Are Vinyl windows less functional than Wood or Composite? Is there a brand favorite?

Thank you in advance for the responses.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Q. "Are vinyl windows less functional than wood or composite?"

    A. No. As evidence, I present the Weather Shield wood windows on my own house. They were installed in the 1980s, and some of them are beginning to rot.

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