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Quality exterior, eco-friendly spray primer for wood?

heatherjdb | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I am not having much luck finding an environmentally friendly (I use the term loosely) spray primer for wood. We are using it for end grain cuts for trim and siding, and occasionally for shorter (6′ and under) edge grain rips. We have been using Krylon’s Eco-Guard for years, which is the nicest product we have found to date. It has shown no signs of joint or paint failure after 5 years of Maine coastal/island abuse. The major downside to the Eco-Guard is the spray tip, it clogs fairly easily (even after inverting and spraying), and tends to spray “blobs” of primer. This frustrates the crew, to say the least. I have bought a variety of replacement tips with little to no improvement in spraying performance. I know the term environmentally friendly is a bit of a misnomer in regards to spray primer/paints. When looking at the ingredients and MSDS of Eco-Guard, perhaps the only thing friendly is the fact it is cleaned up with soap and water.

Also, any suggestions for an environmentally friendly, relatively fast drying, durable, exterior brush applied primer would be great! California’s exterior oil primer has been a great product for us, but the fast dry version is still a 24-72 hour dry time.


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