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Question about window sill height from floor

oldbungalow | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Trying to balance EE, light and privacy.
The current standard seems to be 24″ from floor to maximize light (and not be tempered).
We have 32″ in our current home and were thinking about going to 36″ from floor for regular windows in a room (not “high” windows), for example front street facing elevation. I realize this may be subjective or personal preference but is 36″ too high? Seems to provide more furniture options and privacy.

Anyone with first hand experience?

thanks in advance!

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    See what looks better from the street. High window sills on the street facing side generally look out of proportion. You can have some smaller windows with high sills.

    I was fixing up a place where the window sill was raised to 37" for a kitchen counter. When the kitchen was moved, I was temped to lower the window as it looked wrong even with 9' ceilings.

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