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R-32 Minisplits

bliljequist | Posted in Mechanicals on

Is anyone aware of R-32 refrigerant mini splits available, or soon to be available, in the US market?  So much talk, so little change.  Thanks –

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  1. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #1

    Hi Brad.

    I am not, but it was interesting to hear the panelists in last week's BS* + Beer Show on minisplit heat pumps discuss 410A vs. Co2 refrigerants and the looming environmental issue of refrigerant leaking from heat pumps in general. Anyway, giving your post a bump to see if anyone else has info for you.

  2. _JT | | #2

    Supposedly the midea u shaped inverter window AC is shipping from amazon and is R32. No heating mode though.

  3. bliljequist | | #3

    Love BS and Beer - awesome. Hopefully they'll 1000s of subscribers...

  4. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #4

    R32 is still a powerful greenhouse gas, albeit only about 1/3 the global warming potential of R410A. (About 700x CO2 @ 100 years compared to 2100x for R410A) Like Midea, Daikin is using it in window shaker AC and PTAC units.

    Smaller window AC units could safely use very low impact (but flammable) hydrocarbon refrigerants such as R441a, isobutane (R600a), or even propane ( R290), but not at the refrigerant volumes needed for split HVAC systems. The 150 gram limit for using hydrocarbon refrigerants in the US is still too small to work with anything but smaller self-contained refrigeration units.

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