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Radiant barrier for garage

user-5924747 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Hi , I am building a new home Phoenix AZ , main house will be SIP’s , my 3 bay garage will be on the S/W cnr and will be traditional stud , radiant barrier osb external and then drywall internal , I will have low level vents around perimeter of garage and then ridge vents ( 6ft of available ridge ) I will be leaving a permanent opening thru garage ceiling to access the storage area above thus allowing free flow of hot air to ridge , the walls/roof will be treated same as walls

my questions are , will the natural flow of air caused by heat rising be enough to keep garage to same outside air or should I introduce mechanical assistance , also will I need to create a path for hot air between osb and drywall up through wall plate and along roof void .

many thanks


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  1. user-5924747 | | #1

    and can you please tell me how do i search for previously asked Q n A so I dont go repeating myself on questions , thx

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Q. "Will the natural flow of air caused by heat rising be enough to keep garage to [the] same [temperature as the] outside air?"

    A. Probably not.

    Q. "Can you please tell me how do I search for previously asked Q and A?"

    A. At the top of every GBA page is a search box. For this question, you might type "cooling a garage" or "hot garage" or "garage fan" or "garage AC." Try a variety of search terms, with and without quotes.

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