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Rainscreen details for innie windows and garage door openings with stucco siding?

dburgoyne | Posted in General Questions on

I am planning an addition onto an existing stucco clad house with “innie” windows, recessed ~2″ in climate zone 9B (NorCal). I’d like to install a rainscreen behind the stucco using 1/4 battens over rigid insulation. I’ve done this with flush windows before (much easier to install rainscreen) but am not sure how to detail the rainscreen at “innie” windows, which I want to match what’s existing.

Additionally while I am at it I’d like to install rainscreen and stucco at my garage door openings to alleviate the problem with staining at my recessed garage door heads. I’d appreciate any details someone can share (head, sill) to alleviate this problem as well. Attached are a couple photos of my existing “innie” windows and the garage door head.

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