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Rainscreen needed?

GROUNDUP | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Hello. I recently finished a new construction home. The plans called for a rainscreen (furring strips) but the builders did not have it done. I’m wondering if I will have issues due to this. The siding is horizontal cedar, cedar clapboad, and horizontal PVC. We used blue skin and plywood for sheathing and have Rockwool for insulation. We are having issues with the pvc cracking but not sure if this is a result of the rainscreen.

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    I think there are two seperate issues here.

    Rain screen is always a good idea for any stained/painted siding as it will make the finish last longer. Clear coated wood is high maintaince, so anything to make it last longer is a good investment.

    I think your siding cracking is an install issue. Cellular PVC siding can expand and contract a fair bit with temperature, nailing has to be done with care to allow for this movement. This generally means the siding should be pinned in the middle but allowed to float on the ends. If it is hard nailed at both ends, it is trouble. Rainscreen or not doesn't matter. I would check the installation instruction for your specific siding and make sure it was nailed up properly.

    P.S. There are many Blue skin products and I've seen the wrong one on walls. The one you want is VP100 or VP160, both are great products. If it is WP200, you are in trouble as it is vapor closed and should only be used on foundations.

    1. GROUNDUP | | #2

      Thanks so much. It's vp100 thankfully.

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